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"Great Hunt...5 Stars!!!"

"I actually have over 2000 inches in antlers from Tc Outdoors?"

"TC Outdoors is for sure probably one of the BEST KEPT SECRETS in the Midwest for BIG whitetails"


See what some of our hunters have to say about our trophy whitetail hunts.

Father & Son Hunting Memories

Taking my first 200+ inch whitetail at TC Outdoors was an experience I will never forget – by far one of the most fun hunting trips I’ve ever been on and being able to share it with my dad made it even more special. 

Shawn and Charity are fantastic hosts and run a top notch outfit. When it comes to managing huge trophy whitetails, it is clear they know what they are doing. If you are looking for an opportunity to chase the trophy of your dreams, look no further than TC Outdoors!


"Love this Trip!"

Talk about an experience, all I can say is thank you. This was my first time meeting Shawn and Charity and the rest of his help but at the end of our trip I felt like I had known them my whole life. The location was beautiful, the cabin was cozy and made me feel at home, the food was better than expected, and that’s not even to mention the hunting. As far as the hunting goes, I saw more trophy deer the first morning then I have previously combined and this continued throughout the hunt. Loved the trip and was sad when we had to leave because it felt like we were leaving lifelong friends and not just a guide whom we had met just a couple days prior. I would highly recommend TC Outdoors to anybody not just for the supreme hunting, but also for the companionship and overall experience that comes along with TC Outdoors. All I can say is Thank You. 

-Clint Herndon

TC Outdoors! 5 stars

Great hunt! No gates a real hunt. Excellent food, wonderful people a fantastic place to hunt. I would highly recommend booking your next hunt with TC Outdoors! 5 stars

The Great Midwest Hunt

I have hunted all over the midwest and never had such a great hunt as I did @ your place! Thanks Tc Outdoors!Jason Little

BEST KEPT SECRETS in the Midwest for BIG whitetails

I have hunted with Shawn Taylor & TC Outdoors now going on three years and I met Shawn at a whitetail deer & turkey show in Ohio .  I have hunted with many outfitters from Indiana, Illinois, Kansas and Texas, but from the minute you pull your truck up to the lodge, the accommodations are nice and cozy, the meals are all you need but the deer hunting is the BEST that I’ve been on.  Shawn will under promise but for sure over deliver on the quality of whitetails you will see on each hunt & it is his promise to each and every hunter that you will be completely satisfied with your trophy, and he has never had a hunter leave from any hunt not completely satisfied.   TC Outdoors is for sure probably one of the BEST KEPT SECRETS in the Midwest for BIG whitetails for a very reasonable price.  Shawn & his staff treat you like family and give you a hunt of a lifetime seeing some of the BIGGEST Whitetail Deer you’ll ever see from your tree stand within bow or gun range and it’s up to you to make it happen TC Outdoors will for sure make your whitetail dreams come true & long lasting memories with family and friends, and its about as good as it gets…

Steve Anthony

2,000 inches of antlers – 6 year visitor!

This is my sixth year hunting with Shawn. I’ve taken Whitetail bucks from 160 through 260. I actually have over 2,000 inches of antlers from TC outdoors!!

Jayson E.Vincent-Contino

Five Year Visitor

I have hunted with TC Outdoors for the past five years now. It is a great place to hunt, and Shawn has always produced. Last year I went up during the summer just hung out and went Muskie fishing. Last October I went back hunting, but first earlier in the week we went Muskie fishing and then ended my week deer hunting. That week hooked the first Muskie and Harvested the largest whitetail deer to date. I really can’t say enough about TC Outdoors!

Thanks for a Great Time! 
Chris Lee

Memorable hunt

Bill and I would like to thank you for providing such a memorable hunt for us. It’s not often that we can both leave a hunt with such trophies. Our guide was more than accommodating and took great care of making sure we would leave with the best of hunting experiences. When our hunt was over, we felt like we were leaving long-time friends. Friends and family are what life is about. And a great hunt is icing on the cake. We look forward to seeing you and your family again soon.

Bill Dennis

Hunt Party of 2 – October 2018 & 2019

Although I am blessed to say that I’ve bow hunted many places around the globe, It didn’t take long for TC outdoors to become my favorite hunting destination. It’s because they provide  you with that perfect mix of professionalism and laid back atmosphere. Not to mention great quality deer. Over the last 5 years my deer have gotten bigger each year (ranging from 150 to over 300). As a bow hunter, I look for well-conceived stand sites with natural funnels, food sources, bedding areas, etc.  At TC Outdoors, I’ve been able to harvest trophy deer at distances of 20 yards all the way up 55 yards. You never know what to expect! The only thing you can predict are the great accommodations…great food, and hospitality. Shawn and Charity really know how to provide their hunters with a challenging hunt and a good time. I highly recommend the nightly campfire with something hot to eat and cold to drink! Bob aka “55”

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